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Grave robbing ashes in China – thieves demand a ransom!

After writing over 500 articles on the subject you would think the subject would yield little in the way of surprises, not true. Here is a new issue that I had not come across or to be honest even considered.

In the Chinese city of Xinyang there has been a case of grave robbers removing ashes then seeking to extort a ransom.

The thieves stole the cremation urn containing the ashes of a Mrs Liu husband and ransacked his tomb, they left a phone number scrawled on his headstone demanding 20,000 yuan (which is around £2000 or $3000).

Mrs Liu paid the money, but the tomb raiders wanted more!

Apparently Police are investigating, and suspect a group that may be active “around the country”.

It would appear to as a result of three or  perhaps four trends in China

  1. Chinese authorities are promoting cremation over burial in an effort to reduce land take
  2. Certain Chinese citizens are becoming very wealthy
  3. In China family / ancestor veneration is very important aspect of the culture, and perhaps
  4. As capitalism takes greater hold so does some of its less desirable ‘by-products’ crime, greed and envy (although I appreciate this last one might be overstating it a bit!)

I was thinking off being flippant and saying the Lara Croft has been held pending further enquiries and yes I know the blog image is a bit tongue in cheek, but one can’t maintain a dower image at all times…

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