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Pakistani Hindus allowed visas to visit Haridwar to scatter ashes

Pakistani Hindu families have finally been granted visas to be allow them to scatter the ashes of their loved ones over the sacred Ganges river.

There is a very small Hindu community in Karachi that had been trying for years to be allowed to take the ashes to Haridwar, but there was no chance of getting through immigration until an Indian NGO  heard about there plight and stepped in to help out.

The 128 urns storing the cremated remains had been lining the shelves of a library in Karachi – the oldest urn had been there 35 years.

After much correspondence between the two Authorities a small group of 14 have been granted visas and have allowed to travel to India for the scattering service. In Delhi, they stayed at the Kalkaji Temple till the priests and pandits decide on an auspicious day to start for Haridwar so that the dead attain moksha (salvation) immediately.

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