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liverpool Newzealand ashes

Family appeal for someone out in New Zealand to scatter their grandma’s ashes

Olive Chesworth from Liverpool adored New Zealand and Maori culture. So much so she spent a large amount of time in antipodean climes. After her first visit in 1991 she saved up and spent six months there every other year.

Now she passed away her family are looking to scatter some of her ashes on the archipelago.

“Mum would spend six months with people she met, and would come back over to see other people she met,” said her 49-year-old son Lee Chesworth. “She absolutely loved New Zealand.”

“She stayed on farms where she would “roll up her sleeves and get stuck in”. She was fascinated by Maori culture and people. When shearing gangs came to the farm, she ate with the workers and quizzed them about their tattoos.”

Her son is putting a shout out to a New Zealand family, “or even some ex-Scousers”, to send the ashes to and perform the scattering duties.

“I’d love to put a little bit of mum over in New Zealand so when the kids are older, they can go and visit a little bit of grandma while they are there.”

Anyone wanting to help the Chesworth family can contact and their details will be passed on.

Lovely and heart-warming, what a nice son. There are two issues I think Mr Chesworth may encounter, one obstacle may be cost the price for sending ashes anywhere abroad can be very high. The second issue and I feel almost bar-humbugish bringing it up: the scattering of ashes is quite offensive to Maori culture, in fact there is a big hoo-hah down in Kiwi Land at the moment – tribal elders coming into conflict with those from Hindu belief system as Hindus insist on the ashes being scattered in the water…

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