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Cremation Ashes – Church of England’s stance


We contacted the Church of England as one of the country’s biggest land owners and obviously it’s leading religious faith, unsurprisingly this matter is dictated by a Canon and this is what they said:

“So far as the Church of England is concerned, the matter is governed by Canon B 38.4(b) which provides as follows –

The ashes of a cremated body should be reverently disposed of by a minister in a churchyard or other burial ground in … or on an area of land designated by the bishop for the purpose … or at sea.

The ordinary position therefore is that ashes are to be buried.  They may only be scattered if the bishop has designated land for the purpose of the disposal of cremated remains on that land.

We are not in a position to say what land has been so designated.  Individual diocesan registries may be able to assist with such information.”

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