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Cremation Armenia

Armenians are considering cremation, what don’t they like? Columbarium

Armenian parliament speaker Galust Sahakyan has been arguing in favour of amending the law to allow for cremation say it was part of a new Armenia. However we also pointed out that ‘no one is going to take steps opposed to Armenians ‘national traditions and interests.”

Work needed to be done in relation to the procedures of cremation, burial of the cremated ashes, and allocation of land for burial.

The changes envisage one square meter of free land for burial of ashes. The area could be increased to 6 meters in return for a payment. The changes also envisage a columbarium (a “wall of sorrow”*) for ashes.

Oddly enough it is the final aspect, the columbarium that has caused disquiet as some MPs who believe that columbarium runs counter to Armenian tradition of burial and installation of memorial stones.

*never heard them called that before?!

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