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Handmade Urn

Handmade Urn. We have scoured the land and further afield to find amazing makers that can make a unique and amazing urn for your loved one’s ashes.

We’re based in Devon and luckily there are loads of really talented makers right on our doorstep who can make you a truly unique and beautiful urn.

Whether you want a biodegradable suitcase urn for a water burial that has your loved one’s favourite holiday destinations on the luggage labels, or a keepsake jewellery box with a hidden compartment for a small amount of ashes.

We have talented and devoted makers who will create something meaningful for you. And the big difference is that understand just how important it is, when we were speaking to one of our glass sculptors she said that “as an artist it is a real honour to be able to use your creativity to make something that means so much to the person, really humbling”.


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  • Handmade Viking Longship Water Urn

    Viking Longboat Urn

  • Italian Inlaid Wooden Urn

    Italian Inlaid Wood Urn

  • Raku Urn

    Raku Urn Akari – handmade ceramic cremation urn

  • Escher Cube Design Inlaid Wooden Urn

    Escher Cube Design Inlaid Wooden Urn

  • Natural Oak Wood Burial Urn Ashes

    The Yarner – Green Burial Urn

  • Haytor Handmade wood Ashes Urn

    Haytor – Natural Wooden Urn

  • Memorial Glass Candleholder - Amethyst

    Handmade Glass Candle Holder Urn

  • Handmade wooden Two person Ashes Urn Burial

    Wistman – Companion Natural Burial Urn

  • Hand Blown Glass Urns with Crystal Stoppers.

    Glass Urn: Hand Blown Glass Urns with Crystal Stoppers

  • Raku Keepsake Urn

    Handmade Raku Keepsake Urn: Chikyū

  • Teign Handmade wood urn for ashes

    Teign – Handmade Wooden Urn

  • Keepsake Raku Urn

    Handmade Keepsake Raku Urn: Sora Range


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