Cremation Urns

Picking the right Cremation Urn is an important decision, there are several types which do very different jobs.

Decorative Cremation Urns are perfect for keeping ashes in the home. We have different designs that work well for contemporary and traditional settings.

Burial Urns natural biodegradable burial urns are perfect for burying ashes in woodlands or formal burial grounds.

Water Urns are best suited for river, lake or the sea burial.

Scatter Tubes are ideal for scattering ashes on the ground or in the air, they are also a very affordable option.

Wooden Urns are an excellent natural choice. They can also hold a plaque either on the top of the lid or more discreetly inside.

Garden Urns are great for keeping the ashes securely in the garden that they loved.

Not sure what is right for you? Call us on 01626 798198 and we’ll always do our best to recommend the best urn for what you want to do with your loved ones ashes.

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