Cremation Niche Wooden Urn

We have sourced these beautiful traditional wooden urns that are ideal for use in a cremation niche or collumbarium. They can also be used for natural burial.


Cremation Niche Wooden Urn

Cremation Niche Wooden Urn. These classic wooden urns are very traditional and are handmade in Latvia. In light of the Pope’s recent edict reiterating the need for people who practise the Catholic faith to keep the ashes together we have managed to find a great team who handmade traditional cremation niche wooden urns. They are simple and elegant. They are also very popular for display in niches.

Available in Oak, Pine and Birch. Each of these cremation niche wooden urns are unique in a way. Urns can be used for indoor display or for burial any cemetery.

Each urn is hand finished.

Dimensions: Height – 35CM

Capacity: 5 litres

What is a cremation niche?

A niche is an ‘above the ground burial space’. Simply put this means a place where you can safely store an urn with ashes in. In many Crematoria in Europe this is often a large wall with spaces that can be sealed after the urn is placed inside, they often have plaques on the outside of the niche. Some people choose a cremation niche as it affords comfort in all seasons, especially in inclement weather.

The main purpose of a cremation niche is to give family and friends a place to visit their loved one. In a way it is a grave for their ashes. Many cremation niches are made of marble or granite. More recently cremation niches made with a glass front are becoming very popular, because the glass front allows viewing of the urn as well as any personal memorial items that are displayed with it.

A columbarium niche is a wall which contains many cremation niches, designed to hold urns. They may be indoors or outdoors, and may comprise a stand alone building, a large room, a wall or an entire hall. Columbariums are located within a mausoleum, chapel, or as a dedicated building. They can also be located in a cemetery, but must be built on dedicated property only. The term “columbarium” in modern usage can also be used to describe a “mausoleum”. The two terms are interchangeable.

We’ve been fans for a long time see our post about Columbariums from June 2013

Keeping the ashes

Many people keep their loved one’s ashes at home, some because they are not sure what to do with them, some because they are not yet ready to do something with them and some simply want to keep them close by, in the house.  Sometimes, very well meaning, friends will give advice such as ‘it’s time to move on’ or ‘you’ll feel better if you scatter/bury them’. But only you will know how you feel about the loss of your loved one and only you will know when and if the time is right to do something, if ever, with their ashes. Until then these urns can keep the ashes safely and discreetly at home without you having to explain your reasons to anyone, if someone admires the beautiful urn then it is up to you whether you tell them or not.

P&P is included for mainland UK, please allow 10 – 15 working days for delivery. If you need the item urgently please contact us on info@scattering-ashes.co.uk and we will do our best to get it to you, additional postal charges may apply.

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