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ancient ashes storage

St Neot’s Barrow – Cambridgeshire

Situated in beautiful countryside near the village of Hail Weston, near St Neots, Cambridgeshire Willow Row is a wonderful Ashes Barrow, an ancient and tradition burial mound made stone construction. It is a stone structure which is covered in soil, where you can have your loved ones ashes housed. This is a stunning piece of architecture built in time honoured tradition.

LocationWillow Row Barrow, Hail Weston, Nr St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 5JX (Car park)
Types of Niche OfferedSingle, medium (2+ sets), family (5 sets)
Types of Service offeredAny, family led, with a celebrant or faith leader
Celebrant ReferralYes
RefreshmentsBy arrangement
Disabled AccessYes
Any closed periodsAfter dark and when a private ceremony is being held
Cost Range£1,500 - £7,000
Average response time (best guess)1-2 Hours
Company comments

We host monthly Open Days, call to discuss.

 The site is named after the row of willow trees which line the nearby brook. It is a haven for shrubs, hazel trees and wildlife and the perfect place for quiet reflection.

The hand-built a circular chamber is 11 metres wide and 5 metres high (at the highest point) and contains 345 niches/spaces. With 295 niches of these designed for two cremation urns, and 50 holding up to five cremation urns.

The barrow is a lasting monument, with binding legal agreements on the land for the future benefit of the barrow community.

The stone cover for your niche can include any motif or symbol you wish (as long as it is in keeping with the barrow’s inclusive ethos) and you are free to have your own niche blessed by any religious official. The barrow as a whole is not consecrated or blessed by any religion.

Niches are available for single, double or multiple (up to 5) cremation urns.

1 -Double niches can accommodate at least two standard urns, potentially up to six of our hand made felt urns (180 cubic inch capacity).
2-  The largest niche similarly can hold at least five standard urns, and again more depending on the urn size.
3 - They don't restrict how many sets of ashes are placed into a niche.

They are available for three fixed (renewable) terms of either 15, 25, or 99 years.

A 'double' niche with room for two urns costs £4,800 for 99 years. The larger 'family' niches holding up to five urns costs £7,000 for 99 years (Equates to £1,400 per urn within the 'family niche' ).
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