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columbarium essex temporary

Temporary ashes storage: Essex

temporary columbarium essex


Not yet ready to scatter, bury or inter your loved ones ashes permanently, yet do not feel able or comfortable keeping them at home?

Now you have the option of storing the ashes in a dignified, tasteful and secure environment.  However instead of needing to sign up to for fifteen or twentyfive year lease on a columbarium, this facility will allow you to store then reclaim them when you wish and you only pay for the time they have been stored there.

The facility is situated in Essex, in a beautifully renovated barn.  The Niches are beautiful and simple in their design, you hold one key with a spare kept on site

They have the capacity for one urn and some personal effects.

The cost, they request a minimum three months rental period for a Secure Niche and the cost is £1 a day on-going for as long as you require the niche. You may visit as often as you’d like – private time is available on request.

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