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columbarium baptist st john catholic anglian

Columbarium: St John the Baptist in Norwich

columbarium baptist st john catholic anglian

This is a real beauty, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich has a wonderful columbarium in its vaulted undercroft at the east end of the Cathedral. St John’s is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the UK.

The niches are finely worked bronze cabinets containing individual urns and are sited in the vaulted alcoves, with brass plaques commemorating each occupied niche.

The Cathedral was constructed between 1882 and 1910 and originally designed and built as a parish church (albeit a big one). In 1976, it was consecrated as the cathedral church. It is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral in England.

The niches are available to all Christians in East Anglia*. Those choosing the columbarium as their resting place should make a specified donation of £2000 which goes into the Cathedrals upkeep fund. This is discounted by £250 for members of the Cathedral parish and Cathedral Friends.

They also offer special urns for ‘those who would prefer a more prominent memorial’. This attracts a higher undisclosed price.

The website does not say whether the £2000 interring your ashes for eternal residence or whether duration comes up under the terms and conditions – so I asked – it is for 80 years – not bad at all!

* not sure how  the local bit is enforced or what is it mean but I would think the policy would be fairly broad.

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