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columbarium long barrow for ashes wiltshite

Long Barrow: Burial Chamber in Wiltshire

A fantastic Long Barrow columbarium where ashes can be buried for ever.

Do you like tradition? Do you like the ancient Britain? If so we have found the right place for you.

A history expert has built the first Long Barrow in England for maybe over a thousand years. This Long Barrow* is situated in the Wiltshire on the Marlborough Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty and is between Avebury and Stonehenge. An ancient landscape renowned for its chalk downland and ancient history. The long barrow is designed to complement the landscape perfectly.

It has been built in a traditional style from natural materials and contains three hundred niches for ashes to be placed. It is aligned to the sunrise of the winter solstice when the sun will illuminate the internal stone passageway.

The niches have niches built into the natural limestone walls. Each niche is about 600mm by 600mm and 400mm tall and is designed to be a family vault for the storage of cremated remains in urns. Depending on the size of the urns six to eight can be placed in each niche. The niches can be sealed with a memorial stone if required. There are also smaller niches for single and paired urns.

The cost: standard niche costs £1200 these can house five sets of ashes. An individual lease is £400. A double space for two urns is £600. They are on a 99 year lase basis due to the peculiar legislation that surrounds it, but I think you may assume perpetuity. Cost may change over time so please check.

The enquiry for is just below the pictures.

This Long Barrow is now full.

.columbarium long barrow for ashes near stone hengeashes long barrow columbarium

columbarium long barrow for ashes wiltshite

This facility is now full – the one now available is in St Neot’s

columbarium long barrow for ashes Marlborough downs

*Long Barrow  is basically a narrow shallow excavation and mound covered in soil with niches to house remains, and were popular in the first millennium AD


4 thoughts on “Long Barrow: Burial Chamber in Wiltshire

  1. Reply
    SEAN CHAPMAN - 26th June 2021


    Do you have any plans to extend or build a second Barrow.


    Sean Chapman

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 28th June 2021

      He doesn’t Sean as far as I aware, I would suggest contact Scared Stones to see what they know


  2. Reply
    Gordon Guest - 14th April 2021

    Are there plans to construct more long barrows in the south/ south-west of England to hold urns

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 19th April 2021

      I don’t think so at present – I will post as soon as one is

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