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Columbarium – coming to a Parish Church near you!

Modern takes on the concept of Columbaria are springing up in a number of places from the Long Barrow in All Canning in Wiltshire to the Secure Haven (one rented by the day) in Essex.

However these are away from traditional places of worship and there a members of society who feel a very deep connection with their parish church and would wish to be interred there. The problem is many of parish churches have run out of land in which to bury person or ashes and have to turn people away.

Now there is a company operating from the ancient Isle of Anglesey that are aiming to solve this problem and help the local church as a result.

Gulzar Columbariums based in Bodorgan,  Anglesey are looking to install their deign of indoor glass and wood columbaria within church premises. The design is simple and the glass frontage for more memorabilia such an s pictures to be placed on display to increase the memorialisation through connection to more familiar items, as opposed to a carved doors or edifices.

The advantage for the parish church is that they will plan, install and manage the columbarium- yet provide the church with a source of revenue form the leasing of the niches. This all appears to be a win win – the church is able to

help it congregation, the congregation are able to keep a connection with their church and the church has another income stream to maintain the building….

2 thoughts on “Columbarium – coming to a Parish Church near you!

  1. Reply
    Janet Helliwell - 30th November 2023

    Can I have a vault for my husband and myself

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 8th December 2023

      I am afraid we don’t coordinate this, you would need to search in your local area. Often they are provided at crematoria gardens of remembrance.

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