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memorial reef uk

Britain’s first and only Memorial Reef

For lovers of the sea: Divers, Sailors, Fishermen and anyone one else with a passion for wildlife and the sea. Now there is a new way to  have a truly fitting memorial. The first and only Memorial Reef in the UK. Situated off the famous Jurassic coast, near Weymouth in Dorset.
The ashes of a loved one will be held in a ‘Solace Stone’ and will placed on the sea bed to create an artificial reef that with bring sea-life and create a rich and diverse ecosystem.
This is what the company say:
“A permanent living legacy for those who lived by the sea, made a living from the sea or simply just loved the sea.
Either a beautiful memorial where your loved one’s ashes are held, their Solace Stone slides from the deck and falls away to the sea bed. As the reef sanctuary evolves and flourishes it will become home and haven to numerous marine species. With the passing of time your loved one’s Solace Stone will become part of the reefs future growth and protection.
Their Solace Stone remains an enduring reminder to all, of their unique life, which has helped create this unique place.
No longer seen as an unconventional solution to a global problem, Artificial Reef Sanctuaries around the world are helping to create healthy environments where sea life can not only survive, but thrive again. Memorial Reefs are part of that change and have a huge role to play.
The Solace Reef, the first of its kind here in the UK will create an enduring living memorial for your loved one. Only a short boat ride, this unique site is located 3 miles to the east of Weymouth and Portland in the South West of England.
“Giving life, from a life lived…”
The package includes the following:
  • The cost of all materials and manufacture of your actual Solace Stone.
  • A bio-degradable ashes carrier.
  • An engraved granite plaque.
  • Transportation and placement of the Solace Stone and up to twelve family members out to the Solace Reef site.
  • Certificate of placement
The package can be tailored to suit your needs. More pictures below the contact form.
Total cost of the above £3200:00
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    3 thoughts on “Britain’s first and only Memorial Reef

    1. Reply
      Liz Gent - 10th January 2023

      I love this idea. 5 years after the death of my husband I’ve finally found the right thing to do with his ashes. But the cost is beyond my means. A ridiculous amount of money.

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 18th January 2023

        Hi Liz
        It is expensive, the cost reflects the work involved, the machinery needed and the manpower required. I am sorry we can’t make it any cheaper.
        Kind regards

    2. Reply

      […] The first and only Memorial Reef in the UK is situated just off the Jurassic coast, near Weymouth, in Dorset. Perfect for anyone with a love of the sea and a passion for wildlife, the ashes of a loved one are held in a ‘Solace Stone’ which is placed on the seabed to serve as an artificial reef supporting a diverse eco-system, and the sea-life living within it. For more information see here. […]

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