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Boat for scattering ashes gosport

Portsmouth Hampshire: Solent

LocationGosport – Portsmouth – Isle of Wight – English Channel
Area of operationSolent and English Channel
Type of boatCatamaran
Duration of trip2 – 4 hours
Capacity of boat12
RefreshmentsYes. Tea, coffee and a microwave
CeremonyScattering ashes directly onto the water can lead to them being blown about which some families may find distressing.

We supply a wide range of urns designed for water ceremonies. They are all 100% biodegradable and will dissolve in water – please follow the link: Water Urns

We also supply a water ceremony set which includes a water urn, flower petals for scattering  Promises (notelets that ), a certificate to record the ceremony, and our award winning (and rated 5* on Amazon) guide book: follow the link – 4th Ceremony Set 

Losing a loved one is a deeply profound experience, and we understand the importance of finding a peaceful and meaningful way to bid farewell. Our ash scattering services offer a serene and respectful option for saying goodbye to your loved ones, as you set their spirits free amidst the gentle embrace of the sea.

Company commentsWe specialise in providing a compassionate and thoughtful experience for families seeking to spread the ashes of their loved ones at sea. Our team is dedicated to creating a personalized and dignified ceremony that honours the unique life and beliefs of the departed.
Disabled AccessYes
Recording your Scattering

Record a location where you have scattered your loved-one’s ashes so generations to come can find them for all time on The Ashes Register


Scattering ashes in the sea aligns with environmentally friendly practices. Unlike rivers that are subject to urban pollution, the sea's vastness dilutes and disperses the ashes without causing harm to the ecosystem. This ensures that the final journey respects both the departed and the natural world.

Scattering Hindu ashes in the sea carries a profound spiritual significance and offers a range of benefits. The symbolism of unity with the eternal, the natural cleansing process, and the opportunity for a peaceful symbolic journey all contribute to the spiritual depth of this practice. While every choice is personal and reflects individual beliefs, the sea's boundless expanse and sacredness make it a compelling option for honouring the eternal journey of a departed soul.


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    Scattering Ashes Solent Gosport

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