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bridlington boat scattering ashes

Bridlington, Yorkshire : North East Coast

Scattering Ashes at Sea Bridlington Yorkshire


Location Bridlington, Yorkshire
Area of operation Bridlington Bay as far south as Hornsea and north as far as Filey Bay including Flamborough Head and Bempton
Type of boat 40 foot traditional wooden boat fully licensed and insured with plenty of seating.
Duration of trip Usually an hour, but all trips can be tailored to your requirements up to a maximum of 6 hours.
Capacity of boat 12 passengers and 2 crew with ample seating.
Refreshments Not available
Additional info All trips are carried out in a caring and sensitive manner. If you have any specific requirements please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Providing the weather is favourable we can scatter ashes all year round.
Suitable urnScattering ashes directly onto the water can lead to them being blown about which some families may find distressing. We supply a wide range of urns specifically designed for water ceremonies. They are all 100% biodegradable and will dissolve in water – please follow the link: Water Urns

We also supply a water ceremony set which includes a water urn, flower petals for scattering, Promises – dissolvable notelets for scattering with the ashes, a certificate to record the ceremony, and our award winning (and rated 5* on Amazon) guide book: follow the link – 4th Ceremony Set

Cost Prices start from £100 for Bridlington Bay and increase depending on the length of trip and how far you want to go.
Parking Parking is available at both the harbour and council car parks approx 100 yards from the boat.
Toilets are available at the top of the council car park across the road. There are also toilets 40 yards from where you board the boat.
Recording your Scattering

Record a location where you have scattered your loved-one’s ashes so generations to come can find them for all time on The Ashes Register

Next Steps… If you would like more information or to enquire about availability, please fill in the form below.

The boat operator will then contact you directly as soon as they can.

If you have an urgent request you will be sent the direct telephone number via email as soon as you have submitted the form.

Please note Scattering Ashes is not the boat operator, filling in the form below is the quickest way to speak with the skipper.

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    Do you need us to supply a water urns ? These are an additional cost to the boat and we will contact separately about these.

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    Scattering Ashes at Sea Bridlington Yorkshire

    1 thought on “Bridlington, Yorkshire : North East Coast

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      Paula Knight - 20th May 2022

      We went out from Bridlington yesterday to scatter my dad’s ashes and I would like to pass on that Paul Chapman the captain has been brilliant all the way through and everyone that was on the boat said how nice, helpful and respectful he was it made the day go really well and my brother enjoyed the videos we did as he watched them in Cyprus. Please tell Paul he gave a 5 star service.
      Kind regards

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