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north berwick scotland

North Berwick and Firth of Forth: East Lothian

Scattering Ashes at Sea – North Berwick

Location North Berwick, twentyfive miles from Edinburgh
Area of operation Firth of Forth usually around North Berwick but can go further afield
Type of Boat Starfish 8, 28ft workboat
Duration of trip 30 – 1hr, greater if required
Capacity of boat 10
Refreshments Clients can bring their own
Additional info Small local friendly operation run by 2 knowledgable characters who ensure your trip successful.
Ceremony Scattering ashes directly onto the water can lead to them being blown about which some families may find distressing. We supply a wide range of urns specifically designed for water ceremonies. They are all 100% biodegradable and will dissolve in water – please follow the link: Water Urns

We also supply a water ceremony set which includes a water urn, flower petals for scattering, Promises – dissolvable notelets for scattering with the ashes, a certificate to record the ceremony, and our award winning (and rated 5* on Amazon) guide book: follow the link – 4th Ceremony Set

Cost £85 per hour
Disabled Access No wheelchair access but able bodied crew to help board
Parking Near and around town, allow time to look for space
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