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urns for water scattering ashes

Scattering Ashes on the Isle of Wight

LocationIsle of Wight
Area of operationNeedles
Type of boat50 foot Passenger Boat
Duration of trip45 mins to 75 mins
Capacity of boatUp to 87 people
Suitable urns for waterUrns for the water are supplied by Scattering Ashes not the Boat CompanyScattering ashes directly onto the water can lead to them being blown about which some families may find distressing. We supply a wide range of urns specifically designed for water ceremonies. They are all 100% biodegradable and will dissolve in water – please follow this link: Water urns

We also supply a range of water ceremony sets which include an urn, flower petals, dissolvable noteless and a certificate to record the ceremony. Our sets and ceremony accessories can be viewed here: Sets and ceremony accessories

Disabled AccessNo
ParkingAt the Needles Park or Yarmouth
Any closed periodsClosed between 1st Nov and 31st March
How and when do customers payOnboard on the day by cash or card
Average response time (best guess)One day
Address for the people to go to inc postcode to board the boatThe Needles Park PO39 0JD, or Yarmouth harbour PO41 0NT

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