Boats for scattering ashes

Boats for scattering ashes

Scattering ashes over a river, lake or the sea is a very special way to give a loved one a truly memorable send off – whether they were a sailor, fisherman or they just loved and felt connected to the sea, what better way to celebrate the life they lived?

These are the boats available on the rivers and coast of the UK. All the boats are skippered / driven for you. Each have been selected for their experience. so if you are looking to scatter ashes over water.

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The locations shown on the map are approximate, please don’t use them for navigation.

Many of our approved #4thceremony providers also specialise in Hindu and Sikh services, so you can bring your priest with you to carry out the service.

The are a number of advantages with using  boats for scattering ashes: you can guarantee privacy, more of an occasion

We can provide suitable biodegradable water urns. Don’t forget to record the event, we can provide you with certificates, for future generations simple co-ordinates can be given by the boat providers. You can place petals in the water and flowers just make sure there are no pollutants such as dyes and plastic, it must be 100% biodegradable. We can even arrange to have doves released in some locations.


We don’t own the boats, we signpost you to the individual companies.

If you are a boat company that offers this service and want to be included – drop us a line.

Boats for scattering ashes

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