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Boats for Scattering Ashes: Boat Hire / Charter

Boats for scattering ashes on map

We have a huge number of boats for scattering ashes around the coast and the rivers of the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic.

How does the process work?

  • Click on a pin and follow the link.
  • This will take you to the boat page – this page has all the relevant details eg cost, capacity etc.
  • Fill in the contact form just below the description.
  • This will notify the boat operator and they will be in touch with you directly.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email with the boat company’s telephone number on it should you need to contact them quickly.
  • Note: We don’t own the boats, we signpost you to the individual companies.

Why use a boat?

  • It is totally private
  • You can reach more inaccessible places
  • It is easier to put the ashes into the water; and
  • It is likely to feel more of an occasion

Why use one of these boats?

  • All the boats are skippered (driven) for you
  • We have vetted them to make sure they have experience of scattering ceremonies

Do you need a licence or permit?

  • No, scattering of ashes in coastal waters or rivers does not need a licence, but you will need to follow this guidance from the Environment Agency

Do I need a water urn?

  • It is advisable although not obligatory. They prevent ashes blowing about in the wind. This is our range of water urns
  • This video will help you choose what would be best water urn for you.
  • Or you can chose a water ceremony set to help create a wonderful send off

Do we cater for Hindu and Sikh religious requirements?

  • Definitely, all our river based boats are experienced in Hindu and Sikh ceremonies, they are on flowing water and you would be able to bring your own priest if desired
  •  We provide a Hindu and Sikh ceremony set to help enhance the ceremony.

The locations shown on the map are approximate, please don’t use them for navigation. To see our site totally dedicated to Scattering on Water follow the link Boats for scattering ashes

3 thoughts on “Boats for Scattering Ashes: Boat Hire / Charter

  1. Sue Coombes - 3rd January 2019

    What is the cost of hiring a boat for a scattering of ashes. Small party of 8.

    1. Richard Martin - 4th January 2019

      Dear Sue
      We have a huge range of locations with a wide variety prices – Here is a map of the locations – click on the one you wish
      Kind regard

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