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Boat List for Scattering Ashes by Region

Boat List for Scattering Ashes by Region

Scattering ashes over water is a beautiful and meaningful way to say farewell to a loved one. To help you find the perfect location, we have compiled a comprehensive list of boats available for scattering ashes across the British Isles. With over 60 different boat locations, you can choose a setting that resonates with you and honours the memory of your loved one.

Each region offers unique and beautiful locations for scattering ashes, ensuring that you can find the perfect spot that holds personal significance. Our boats are equipped to provide a respectful and serene ceremony, allowing you to honour your loved one's memory in a meaningful way. Explore our list and find the ideal boat service to help you say goodbye in the most fitting setting.

Boats in South West England

Boats in South East England

Boats in Midlands and Anglia England

Boats in Northern England

Boat in Scotland

Boats in Wales

Boats in Ireland

Boat List for Scattering Ashes


South West England

  • Explore the serene coastal waters of Devon and Cornwall.
  • Ideal for those seeking picturesque landscapes and tranquil seas.

South East England

  • Options along the iconic River Thames and the beautiful coastlines of Kent and Sussex.
  • Perfect for a ceremony with a blend of urban and natural settings.

East of England

  • Services available in Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • Enjoy the peaceful and historic waterways of the Broads.


  • Boats operating on the serene canals and rivers of the Midlands.
  • An ideal choice for a more intimate and secluded ceremony.

North West England

  • Locations include the stunning Lake District and the historic Mersey River.
  • A great option for those who love the natural beauty of the North West.

North East England

  • Services available along the scenic Northumberland coast.
  • Perfect for a quiet and reflective ceremony.


  • Western Isles and Highlands
    • Breathtaking locations amidst the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.
    • Ideal for a ceremony surrounded by majestic landscapes.
  • Central Belt
    • Options available on the iconic Loch Lomond and River Clyde.
    • A fitting choice for those who appreciate Scotland’s rich history and natural beauty.


  • North Wales
    • Beautiful boat trips on the Menai Strait and along the coast.
    • Perfect for a serene and picturesque farewell.
  • Services available in Cardiff Bay and along the Gower Peninsula.
    • An excellent choice for a coastal or urban setting.

Northern Ireland

  • Belfast and Coastal Areas
    • Boat services along the stunning Antrim Coast and Belfast Lough.
    • Ideal for a ceremony amidst Northern Ireland's scenic beauty.

Republic of Ireland

  • Dublin and Surrounding Areas
    • Boat trips available along the River Liffey and coastal regions.
    • Perfect for a blend of city and sea settings.
  • West Coast
    • Services along the Wild Atlantic Way, including Galway and Clare.
    • A beautiful choice for those who love the rugged Irish coastline.
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