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Clandon Wood Natrual Burial Site for Ashes: Surrey

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Clandon Wood natural ashes burial

Cremation ashes interment at Clandon Wood The site offer a high quality service in the heart of Surrey Offering religious, spiritual or secular ash interment service or commemoration. They have wonderful contemporary glass pavilion is a perfect setting for you to have both a farewell service as well as a catered gathering should you wish and […]


What to do with Cremation Ashes

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Award winning website: scattering ashes

What to Do with Cremation Ashes What to do with cremation ashes. You have the ashes now what? Let us help you choose the right thing for them and for you. More Ideas We have lots of ideas to inspire you, to start with here are 12 things to think about, we’ve made a video […]


Etihad Airways cremation ashes policy

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etihad carrying ashes

Carrying ashes on a Etihad Airways flight Etihad Airways The Abu Dhabi based flight operator  has announced that it is rolling out new rules on carry-on bags aboard flights they are restricting certain powder material from cabin luggage. The good news is that there is certain exemptions and cremated remains is one of them: 1. Medically […]


Instagram, Tina Turner and Scattering her sons ashes

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Tina Turner sons ashes

The musical icon Tina Turner has recently (28 July 2018) scattered the ashes her son at sea off the coast of California (USA). Very sad, her son apparently took his own life earlier in the month. How did she let people know? Instagram, (see picture below) adding the following comment: “My saddest moment as a […]


Have I been wrong about Resomation (water disposal of a body)

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disposal of a body ashes

Burial and Cremation are the time-honoured ways to dispose of a body, since prehistoric times cultures have been either been burning or burying them (some have been leaving them on the top of mountains for the vultures- but let’s not go there). Well there is a new kid on the block – Alkane Hydrolysis body […]


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