Bespoke Ashes Jewellery

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  • Handmade silver or gold jewellery with your loved one’s ashes.
  • Create your own design
  • Have the piece engraved
  • Gift wrapping available


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Bespoke Ashes Jewellery: A Personal Tribute Crafted in Devon

For those looking to memorialise a loved one with something truly special, our bespoke Ashes Jewellery offers a deeply personal touch. To ensure delivery in time for Christmas, please place your order by 15th November.

Craftsmanship and Customisation

Our expert jewellers, local to Devon, are renowned for their skill and dedication to craftsmanship. Working primarily with silver and gold, they incorporate a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into stunning pieces of jewellery, set in glass, silver, or gold. Each item is handcrafted with care, offering the option to be further personalised with engravings, making every piece uniquely yours.

Whether you desire a bracelet, necklace, ring, cufflinks, or even tie-pins, our jewellers can turn your vision into reality. We encourage you to provide a photo or drawing of your desired item to aid the jeweller in crafting your piece to exact specifications.

The Process

Once you have an idea of what you’d like, we will provide a quote. If you decide to proceed, we’ll send you a specially designed pack to securely send us approximately a teaspoon of ashes. We’ll confirm their safe arrival and keep you updated throughout the creation process. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for completion, depending on the design’s complexity.

The Benefits of Ashes Jewellery

Choosing Ashes Jewellery means choosing to keep your loved one close in a form that is both beautiful and meaningful. It serves not only as a piece of jewellery but as a portable memorial, rich with personal significance. This jewellery acts as a discreet yet constant reminder of the bond you shared, offering comfort and closeness that lasts.

Local Devon Craftsmanship

By choosing our Devon-based jewellers, you benefit from local craftsmanship that promises not just skill but a heartfelt care in each piece’s creation. The intimate process of turning ashes into jewellery is handled with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

Simply fill in the form below with details of what you would like to be crafted, and we will liaise with our talented jewellers to respond promptly to your request.

Explore the lasting beauty and personal comfort of Bespoke Ashes Jewellery, crafted with precision and care right here in Devon.

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    3 reviews for Bespoke Ashes Jewellery

    1. Fiona (verified owner)

      Hello Karen,

      I have just got home from work to find my beautiful ring waiting for me. It’s better than I could even have imagined and I definitely shed a few tears when I opened it knowing that it contains Smudge’s ashes. It’s very special and I will treasure it and wear it constantly. Thank you to your whole team for being so helpful and for producing such a special item.

      • Karen Martin

        Thank you for your lovely words and we’re so pleased you like your ring as we all thought it was gorgeous too! We hope it always brings you comfort .

    2. Emma White (verified owner)

      I wanted an ashes ring so I can always feel like my Dad is with me and looking round there are a number of websites they are available from but none of them caught my eye and I wanted this ring to be perfect. I found a normal ring I really liked then after coming across scattering ashes and reading all their amazing reviews from previous customers I got in touch and I am so glad I did. They created me a ring from the image I sent them that incorporated my Dad’s ashes. It arrived yesterday and it is perfect and so beautifully presented. All I can say is thank you so much and I would highly recommend scattering ashes to anyone looking for a special keepsake to remember someone special.

      • Richard Martin

        Thank you so much Emma, that is so kind. We really appreciate you telling us.
        All the best

    3. Karen (verified owner)

      Thank you so so much Karen for helping me design and the helping of making of my husbands bracelet of his dads ashes. You have been exceptionally helpful and patient with me and the end result was absolutely stunning. We are so so pleased with the 5 star service given and is a great piece to purchase for men or women.
      From a very happy customer Karen Gray

      • Karen Martin

        Thank you so much for your lovely words Karen so pleased you like it.

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