Fairtrade Banana Leaf Casket

  • Designed for burial
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Range of designs
  • Fairtrade


A wonderfully crafted environmentally-friendly and fairtrade cremation urn, we think they are excellent.
Made from banana leaves it comes with a thick cotton bag for the ashes.
There are three designs, all in natural weave;
Primrose (Round Casket 8″ in height by 7″ wide)
Buttercup (Square Casket 8″ in height by 8″ wide)
Sunflower (Bell Shaped Casket 8″ in height by 7″ wide).
This ashes urn is ideal for burial at a formal grave site or green burial.
Capacity: approx 3 litres suitable for one set of adult ashes

The banana, believed to have originated from the jungles of Asia, is generally mistaken for a tree, but is actually the world’s largest herb. Their main stem can reach a height of up to 8 metres, though it is not actually formed of wood, but the tightly coiled leaves of the plant. The banana caskets are made using these dried leaves after the tree has produced its fruit and the stem is cut back each year.

100% Biodegradable

These beautiful urns are specifically designed for burial, you can feel totally reassured that by placing your loved one’s ashes into the urn and then burying it, it will start to naturally biodegrade allowing the gentle release of ashes back into the soil.

For help with finding a natural burial ground see the Natural Death Centre’s list of natural burial grounds

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