Ashes into Cremation Glass

Ashes within Glass. Putting ashes into memorial glass is wonderful way to remember someone. We have a fantastic range of ashes into memorial glass ornaments that are all handmade here in Devon, England. The skilled craftsmen can use a small amount of ashes (about a teaspoon per item) and hand-make it into a memorial glass piece.

Perhaps you would prefer something that you can hold in your hand or slip into a pocket or handbag? We have designed some fabulous ashes within glass handheld hearts that are so comforting to hold. The Stardust collection sparkles gently whilst the wisp collection is rich in colour.

For the lovers of the sea we have three gorgeous ashes to glass ocean waves, the Pacific, the Atlantic and Tropic, it’s an amazing thing to watch being made and a stunning, and yet totally discreet glass ornament.

For keen ramblers we have our completely unique glass topped walking sticks. Handmade here in Dartmoor, Devon you can choose a favourite tree and have it topped with an ashes with glass topper so you can continue to walk with your loved one.

Our skilled craftsmen are also very happy to discuss bespoke commissions, just tell us what you would like and we’ll always do our very best to get your loved one the memorial they deserved.

Ashes within Glass

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