Best Memorial Trees UK – Hazel

  • Tree and Soil combination
  • Includes Stake, Ties and Bio Guard
  • The best solution for planting a memorial tree with ashes
  • Quality Trees
  • Choice of Sizes
  • Option to include a plaque

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Best Memorial Trees UK

There is something special about memorialising a loved one with a tree – a continuation of life. In fact in a recent survey, 30% of us want to ‘become’ a tree when we die.

This beautiful symbolism works well but the tree needs to flourish, simply planting a tree with ashes doesn’t work very well.

  • Life from life
  • Some where to visit
  • Something permanent in the landscape
  • Something of natural beauty
  • Strong, sturdy, elegant and changing

Living Memorial Soil

Don’t plant ashes directly with a tree – you could damage or even kill the tree. Ashes are high in alkaline and salts and this has a serious impact on the trees ability to grow and survive. This package contains a Living Memorial soil, this is a soil product that when mixed with ashes it will not only neutralise the negative impact of the ashes but will extract nutrients from the ashes and give them to the tree.

The package contains:

  • Tree sapling in a pot 1-1.2m / 3-4ft *
  • Living Memorial Soil
  • Stake and ties
  • Bio Guard
  • Option to include a plaque

The price includes: VAT and P&P

*We may be able supply bigger trees if required

Memorial Tree

The Hazel: The Hazel tree is one of the most useful trees for its bendy stems and as a conservation saviour. It has a smooth brown/grey bark with oval leaves.

Size – Often coppiced, but if left to grow it can reach a height of 12m.

Symbolism – For some the mighty Hazel tree is a symbol of Knowledge and wisdom.  To others it is a symbol of protection with the ability to guard against evil spirits, providing enduring abundance and love to many.

Where can I plant a memorial tree?

  • You will need the landowners permission no matter whether you choose private or public land.
  • Private land may not stay within the same ownership, and if the landowner changes visitation make be restricted or prevented
  • Make sure the landscape and location are suitable – what will the size be when it is fully grown? Planting near a building may impact the foundations of the building

Planting a memorial tree

When to plant a memorial tree – Best time of Year

Site Preparation and Planting

  • Mix the ashes with soil, the instructions are on the side of the tin, you can do this in advance.
  • For best planting guidelines we refer you to the Royal Horticulture Society Guide to Planting Trees
  • Aftercare for a tree, this guide is very useful – Tree Aftercare

Recording the Location:

  • This can be done with a plaque
  • Recording the location is important for current and future generations so record the scattering on the national database – Ashesregister.com

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