Ashes Bracelets and Charms

Ashes Bracelets and Charms

Ashes Bracelets are a beautiful and discreet way of keeping your loved one close to you whenever you need it.

You can put a small amount of cremation ashes into a 925 Silver charm to add to your own bracelet or pendant or you can choose one of our Sweetie Style or Friendship bracelets with come with 925 Silver hollow charms. We also have a Titanium Bracelet that is very resilient and hypoallergenic. They all come with an ashes kit so that you put the ashes in yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Ashes into glass. Our Pandora style ashes charm beads will fit any Pandora Charm bracelet and make a lovely sympathy gift. We have a stunning glass ashes bead bracelet that can be decorated with swirls, hearts or flowers and have a single ashes bead or the entire bracelet made with ashes beads.

We have bracelets with Swarovski crystal heart charms making your memorial jewellery timeless and fashionable at the same time.

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  • Ashes-into-Pandora-Charm Pink

    Pandora Style Ashes Charm Beads

  • Ashes Jewellery-Missing you charm - Feb Amethyst

    Missing You Charm

  • memorial bracelet

    Memorial Ashes Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm

  • Pandora Heart Ashes Charm

    Silver Pandora Heart Ashes Charm

  • Ashes Jewellery - Treasure Chest Charm

    Treasure Chest Ashes Charm

  • Leather Bracelet with Pandora Bead

    Leather Bracelet with Pandora Bead

  • leather ashes jewellery

    Memorial Leather Bracelet with Silver Ashes Cylinder

  • Sweetie Style Ashes Charm Bracelet

  • Friendship Bracelet

    Ashes Friendship Bracelet

  • Bespoke Ashes Jewellery

    Bespoke Ashes Jewellery

  • Bead Bracelet Aqua Flowers - Ashes into Jewellery UK

    Memorial Glass Bead Bracelet

  • memorial sympathy gift voucher

    Gift Voucher


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