Ashes Hindu Puja Ceremony Essential Elements

Essential elements of a Hindu Puja Ceremony

  • 900ml Gangajal – water from the holy Ganges River
  • Loban
  • Gugal
  • Camphor


The Puja Ashes Ceremony is an essential part of the funeral rites to release of the spirit. Not all Hindu families can or wish take the ashes of a family member back to the Ganges or other holy sites in India and will conduct their Puja ceremony here in the UK. We have a ceremony set which contains an urn petals and accessories – Hindu Ceremony Set.

This Puja can be used in addition to our standard ceremony sets provides for the religious and spiritual elements of the ceremony, this set contains:

  • 900ml Gangajal – water from the holy Ganges River
  • Loban 100g
  • Gugal 50g
  • Camphor 40g

Gangajal:  Water directly from the Holy Ganges, this water’s importance to Hindu tradition is essential.  The purifying properties of Gangajal are hugely important in the ceremony washing away negative and evil spirits.

Guggal: Prized throughout the Himalayas this natural Gugul (also Guggul and Gokul) resin is an important aid to meditation rituals and Puja. It is burnt to dispel negativity. Guggal is a sticky gum resin that comes from the Mukul Myrrh tree.

Loban: A Frankincense like resin extracted from the bark of  certain trees (the Strax family). When the crystals of Loban are burnt the smoke creates a sanctified atmosphere, it is used in Puja ceremonies for cleansing and unblocking the human body energy.

Camphor (Kapur). is derived from the wood of the camphor Laurel, a large evergreen tree found in India. The extract a waxy, flammable, transparent solid with a strong aroma. It is burnt in the Puja ceremony in order to spread positivity and happiness. Its fragrance also destroys evil energies.

These are the essential elements for a Hindu Puja Ceremony.

For greater understanding of their use and symbolism we would direct you to the following sites:


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