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what to does with ashes

What to do with ashes?

What to do with ashes?

One of the most frequently asked questions is – what to do with ashes?

You can choose to:

  • Keep them
  • Bury them
  • Scatter them

If you want to keep them, then consider

  • Do you want to keep all or some of them
  • If all then you will need to think whether you want them in the:
    • Garden
    • Home

If you want to keep some of them, then consider

  • A keepsake urn
  • Ashes into glass
  • Memorial jewellery

If you want to scatter, then consider the location, there are quite a few options

  • Land
    • Have you considered planting a memorial tree
    • You will need permission from the land owner
  • Sea / water / lake
    • do you want to hire a boat for a bit more privacy
    • do you want to scatter on a beach
  • In the air? then consider:
    • ashes in a firework
    • from a plane
    • skydiving in tandem
    • into the stratosphere

Do you want to bury the ashes, here are some choices

  • Church burial ground
  • Local authority cemetery (secular)
  • Green burial ground
  • Private land
  • Your own garden

There are more ‘out there’ options such being turned into a vinyl record or in a memorial tattoo.

If you have a different preference to other significant loved ones, discuss the matter and consider the option of splitting the ashes.

This website is dedicated to this very question, so if you can’t find what want, just ask.


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