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ashes into fireworks video

Ashes into Fireworks video – Self-fire Rockets

Ashes into Fireworks video – Self-fire Rockets

Fireworks are a fabulous option for a spectacular send-off, watch our ashes into fireworks video to see how one family gave their loved one a truly memorable send-off.

The rockets are powerful, colourful and will make any fire ceremony go with a bang.

Ashes into fireworks

You have two choices if you want to put your loved one’s ashes into fireworks :

  • An organised Firework Display: which can take all the ashes, but you are fixed to a certain location such as a sports club, to see more on click here Firework Displays
  • Self-fire Fireworks: take a portion of the ashes (200grams ) but you can be more flexible in terms of location and timings as they are portable – to see more details and to order now click here Self-fire firework rockets

Both options have different effects and will suit different ceremonies for a full break-down of the differences you might find our fireworks blog here useful.

If you would like to discuss the options please do email us at

Scattering Ashes YouTube Channel

If you want to see more videos about other options for celebrating the life of a loved one by doing something meaningful with their ashes please have a look at our YouTube Channel. We regularly update it with product details, ceremonies and ideas of what to do with your loved one’s ashes.

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