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Be safe while scattering

Scattering Ashes – Please do it Safely!

When choosing to scatter ashes people are often drawn to the most dramatic or significant piece of the landscape: the a promontory, a mountain peak or a cliff edge. These places are often fraught with danger and in an emotionally heightened state this is risk can be increased.

Last month it would appear that two siblings lost their lives while scattering the ashes of their mother from the White Cliffs of Dover.

The twins were found dead at the bottom of the Dover cliffs on New Year’s Day and it is strong suspected that they may have slipped whilst scattering their mother’s ashes. The police discovered them will looking for the body of another person.

The siblings both aged 59 never married and lived with their parents their entire lives. After their father died in the 1980s, the mother and twins moved to Flintshire, North Wales. Then when their mother died in 2014, the twins moved to the small village of Elton in Cheshire.

When the bodies were discovered, they appeared to be in the possession of the urn containing the ashes of their mother, this has also caused speculation as to whether it might have been a suicide pact.

However, this is far from the first incident of its type, last year (2016) a man in Cornwall was washed out to sea by a freak wave while scattering ashes, previously a couple had drown in Spain whilst carrying out an ashes water burial and lady slipped from a cliff in Ireland on her way to scatter ashes.

I presume it is because of what they were doing that they attracted press attention, but the point still stands. When choosing a place to scatter a loved one’s ashes do not compromise your own safety.



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