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How much ash is there after cremation?

What is the weight of the ashes after body has been cremated?


What is the amount of ashes left in weight once a person has been cremated?


The average weight of ashes after cremation is around 6lbs or 3 kilos: equivalent to three bags of sugar.

It varies between men and women, with men  7.1lbs (+ or – 1.2lbs) which is 3.2kg for woman 4.9lbs (+ or – 1lbs) which is 2.2kg.

It relates to the weight of bone the person had in their body. Bone mass density can increase to support increased weight (fat / muscle) this does not decrease if the person loses weight. Bones lose density in old age.

People are often surprised by the amount they receive back, they tend to expect a lot less.

Some premature babies do not have any ash left after the cremation, as the bones had not had chance to form properly.    

2 thoughts on “What is the weight of the ashes after body has been cremated?

  1. Reply
    Sue Lyons - 24th May 2023

    Would it be possible to make an eternity diamond from some of the ashes and still have enough for internment?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th May 2023

      Yes it would Sue, you would need about 500g this is the page you need – diamonds

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