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Making a Will

Making a Will

Making a Will. There was yet another thought provoking article article in the family section of the Guardian yesterday, a woman who has no children talks through the process of making a will.  We all find this process difficult, staring your demise in the face and making confident decisions about what will happen to your children, your partner and your possessions is tough.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who found the ordeal fun, but I’ve met so many people who simply haven’t done it and to them I say please read this article.

Keren Levy writes eloquently about facing up to those fears about dying, which we all have, and demonstrates just how positive it can be. So I urge you now, read it, think about it and then DO it.

Oh and by the way, please remember to include what you want to have done with the ashes, many people specify cremation but not what they want to have done with the ashes, it makes life so much easier for those  left behind if you give them some ideas for what you want and can help resolve any family disputes too.

The article in the Guardian is here

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