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testing a floating ball urn

How long do Floating Ball Urns float for?

Water Ceremonies are increasingly popular way to Celebrate the life of a loved one and there are many types of water urns you can choose from. Each urn works in a slightly different way.

The floating ball is a popular choice for many people. The common question is who long will it float for?

We have put them to the test.

We tested three, with ashes weighing 5lbs (the average weight of ashes for a female), then 7lbs (the average weight of ashes for a male) and 6lbs which is the average weight of ashes. We let thi one rest in the water to see how long it took to break down.

Note: we refer to the weight of the ashes. Note the weight of the ashes and the urn combined. These floating balls used in this test weigh 2kg / 4.4lbs


  • Make sure the glue seals the urn completely.
  • The weight is not the only important factor (glue was the other).
  • If the urn is sealed completely it may float for around 20 minutes.
  • We don’t think the urns will float if the weight of the ashes is greater than 7 1/2 lbs / 3.4 Kg.
  • The actual duration is down to many reasons and actual timings cannot be accurately predicted.
  • The urn will fully break down in around 45 minutes.

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