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Ideas for Ashes in the Garden

If you are looking for ideas for ashes in the garden - we can help.

So firstly, you need to consider whether you want them contained in some way so they can be moved: either around the garden or should you need to move home. Or, if you want them incorporated into the garden.

Should you choose to incorporate them then you can:

  1. Scatter them on the lawn or the flower beds – ensure that the ashes are spread over a large are to minimise their alkali nature. A rake can help in spreading the ashes and allow them faster integration into the soil.
  2. Plant them under a rose bush or shrub, this can be problematic if the ashes compost ratio is not right the plant will be restricted in its growth or may even die. You can partly get around this in in a couple of ways:
    1. Dig a big hole and use an ericaceous compost, the compost will balance out the alkali, but will not help contact the salts in the ash, the volume of compost will dilute the ashes.
    2. Bios Urn these will keeps the ashes in a much smaller area, the coir element will restrict the plant roots from contacting the ashes and allow for better integration. Bios urns can be used in large planter pots too. With all ashes in the garden, watering helps to wash through the salts contained within the ashes.

Should you wish to put them in a container or urn then there is a range of designs and materials. You can choose from a more contemporary look in stainless steel or bronze. Should you prefer something more traditional we have carved stone options. Finally, we have a few from UK sculptors in Bronze or weather proof Stoneware.

The advantage of these options is not only are they unique and beautiful to look at, but also they are completely discreet and they can be moved should you move house or change your garden design.

Stainless Steel

These are the main stainless-steel designs, they are handmade here in Devon, UK from the best quality – marine grade, stainless steel. The designs can incorporate a plaque if you wish and some of the designs can house more than one set of ashes. They don’t rust, they are easy to clean and look wonderful as a centrepiece or in amongst the plants and shrubs.

Standard Petal


Two Person Petal

Carved Stone

The carved stone range comes in a number of designs. For the sundials and birdbaths there is a choice of stone – either sandstone or travertine. The pedestal can hold up to four sets of ashes – this can have a stone bowl planter on top if you want.

We do have a boulder which is cut from a very unique limestone here in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor.


Travertine Small Birdbath

Travertine Sundial

Carved Boulder Sundial

Pedestal and Bowl

Travertine Large Birdbath


Finally, we have some very artist led designs that are cast in bronze or frost proof stoneware.


Fir Cone

Bronze pebble

All of the designs are designed by us and unique to us. Read the reviews – people love them

Ideas for ashes in garden...

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