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ashes last wishes

To avoid family arguement make your wishes regarding you ashes clear

The number of families asking us to intervene regarding the possession or intent in relation to a loved one’s ashes is remarkably high, considering we are not a solicitor or mediation service.

Many of us pass away without leaving a will let alone expressing what will happen to our ashes. This can lead to a huge amount of stress particularly when there has been stepfamilies and so forth.

As with most things a little planning can ease family tensions. To the end we have put together a same downloadable form [free] for you to make your wishes clear. Whilst these wishes are not legally binding and your request may be impossible (eg a football club that has banned the practice). However, it will give the family a starting point. To add a bit of extra weight get it witnessed and leave it with your solicitor / attach to your will. You may even want to make more than one copy in case one ends up being overlooked.

To download the form follow the link: Last Wishes: My Ashes

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