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keeping ashes at home

10 Ways of Keeping Ashes at Home

Keeping ashes at home

The crematorium have rung your funeral director to say your loved one’s ashes are ready for collection. The funeral home pop a lovely letter in the post letting you know that they have the ashes and will keep them until you are ready to collect them. What do you do?

Your loved one may have left detailed instructions about what to do with their ashes, if so you are luckier than most. Whilst many of us might have known that the deceased wanted to be cremated, more than 70% of us are cremated, but what they wanted us to do with the ashes is often not spoken about.  So we are left with a decision about what to do with the ashes.

We have loads of advice about both traditional and innovative things of what to do with your loved one’s ashes but for many people there is just a very simple and immediate urge to bring them home. The grieving process is a difficult journey and how you feel about the ashes can change over time.  We urge people to slow down and take your time about making a decision about the ashes, by all means bring them home and let them sit discreetly until you are ready to do something, if ever, with the ashes.

Here are our Top 8:

  1. Viking Longship Urn – why not put the ashes in a fantastic Viking Longboat complete with flag and oars. You can put it on a window ledge and it can be a great talking point!
  2. Wooden Urns – putting your loved ones ashes into a wooden urn can be an easy way to have the ashes at home.  They can be personalised with plaques or even an innovative wood tattoo, perfect for military personnel as they can have their ensign on the lid.
  3. Decorative Urns – You can put the ashes into a ceramic or porcelain urn and place it on a shelf and then you can decide whether you tell people what is inside when they admire the simple beauty.
  4. Cloisonné Urns – a handmade cloisonné urn is a beautiful item in any home, they also have matching candle homers and keepsake hearts so that if you do decide to scatter the ashes at a later date you can keep a small amount with you forever at home.
  5. Picture Frame – a picture frame can hold a much loved photo of your loved one whilst discreetly holding their ashes securely, a simple yet very effective way of keeping the ashes at home.
  6. Birdbath – was your loved one a keen gardener?  You can always put their ashes in the garden.  This has the added benefit of being portable should you ever need to move house.
  7. Sundial – this is another beautiful and traditional addition to any garden, some can even be calibrated to your postcode so that they can continue to pass time in their beloved garden.
  8. Stainless Steel Memorial Sculptures – for a more contemporary garden option there is a wonderful range of stainless steel sculptures that will keep the ashes dry and safe and happy in the garden.

Whatever you decide to do, only you will know when the time is right and what ‘right’ means.  Slow down, take your time and allow yourself the space to grieve, you’ll know when the right solution comes along.  If you want to talk this through please call us on 01626 798198, we’re always happy to take the time to discuss your ideas and concerns, that’s what we’re here for.

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