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Scattering Ashes Service across the UK and overseas

Scattering Ashes Service

Scattering Ashes Service across the UK and overseas. Are you looking for your loved one’s ashes to be scattering at a particular destination within the UK or overseas but are unable to do this yourself? We can help.

Many of us will have a place in mind that we want our ashes to be scattered over after we have gone. This can sometimes be difficult for family or friends to co-ordinate, especially if they are overseas. Do you need permission? How do you arrange the transportation of the ashes? Can you take the time away from work or home to scatter the ashes in the chosen location? It can be very difficult and we can help arrange this for you.

Your loved one’s ashes will be treated with the greatest of respect at all times. You will receive a picture of the ashes scattering service along with a certificate with the exact location so that you or future generations can visit at a later date. The certificate is included in the price. We can even arrange to have them scattering on water, for our boat service see this link.

Each Scattering Ashes Service request will be assessed on an individual basis and the price will be dependent upon the location (distance and travelling costs) and any permission factors. Please be aware we will require copies of both the death and cremation certificates.

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    *Please note we will always try our very best to fulfil requests however some locations are unavailable due to legal reasons, for general guidance see our advice page on permissions.

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    2 thoughts on “Scattering Ashes Service across the UK and overseas

    1. Reply
      Robert - 14th September 2018

      Dear Hannah and the team, thank you so much for scattering the ashes of my uncle. There is no way we would have been able to fulfil his last wishes without you. Your service was professional and reasonable. I feel he is home now.

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 14th September 2018

        Hi Robert
        I am only glad we could help.
        Kind regards

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