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Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial

Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial

Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial (known as Water Urns) are now commonly used, they keep the ashes from blowing about and make for a dignified ceremony, available in a number of styles to suit your ceremony.

Scattering ashes (in the UK) over water is increasingly popular, we think this is in part due to:

  • The fact that permission is not needed
  • You can use a boat making the ceremony more private
  • The fact that water is universal and such there is a connection everywhere there is water

However, scattering on water presents its own problems, first and foremost is the wind. It does not matter if you are scattering on a fast-flowing river or a calm sea, wind is usually present. The problem with wind is it can blow the ashes about causing them to attach to the boat or coats and so on. Clearly this is not ideal in a dignified ceremony so most of us choose to use a Biodegradable Urn for Water Burial.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, materials and colours and also function. So, when choosing your urn, you need to consider the following:

Size: is it for one person or two or just a token amount of ashes

Shape: What aesthetic do you want, shapes vary from the classic Grecian urn to floating turtles

Material: there are a range of materials available one from a mulberry bark, or Rock Salt or Sand and Vegetable gelatine that feels like unfired clay – all the urns are obviously biodegradable

Colour: there are a wide choice of colours from the usual Navy and Aqua, to purple and orange

Finally function: principally do you want it to sink straight away or float for a while

Now you have the chance to have a think what sort of ceremony you would like you can then make a choice. We stock the largest range of Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial in the UK and if you are stuck just pick up the phone, we are happy to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction. However, if you simply want to have a look and see what is out there

Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial

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