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ashes scattered in Scotland

Ashes Scattered for you Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Celebrants … Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies.

We are Laura & John, of Loch Lomond Celebrants, and following several requests for Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies, the following information may be useful for anyone considering this meaningful ceremony for their loved one.

There are two ways in which this ceremony can be held, either with family and friends in attendance, or alternatively, some families, for a variety of reasons, may wish not to be present, and we can do this on behalf of the family, with video footage being taken, as a keepsake, either by ourselves, with mobile phone, or you may wish the services of a professional photographer.

We have found that most families wish to be present at this ceremony, but for those who are unable to attend the Scattering of Ashes, we can either collect your loved one’s Ashes in person or receive them from a Courier.

Acting on your behalf, we will gain the relevant permissions to proceed with the Scattering of Ashes, complying with all necessary legislation.

Whilst we are located within the Loch Lomond area, we are also available to travel to the Scottish Islands, such as Skye, Arran, Bute and Cumbrae.

For those families who live south of the Scottish Border, we have a colleague Richard Martin, whose website may contain some useful information for you.

If you are considering a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony for your loved one, please email us

2 thoughts on “Ashes Scattered for you Loch Lomond

  1. Reply
    Ian Matthews - 24th June 2023

    My mother, whom I cared for for over 11 years, despite
    being a catholic. Wanted to be buried in a forest, well there was not enough money to berry her, so she had to be cremated. I have kept hold of her ashes because I am torn between the fact we were and in my case am a catholic. Which means burial in a cemetery, I have looked into it and it will cost upwards of five thousand pounds. There is only me once I am gone there is nobody to visit her grave. My health is not good either, so burial in the family plot in Forfar does not guarantee I will visit the lay regularly. If I purchase a lay here in Arbroath that will put the cost up to nearly ten thousand ponds. Can you tell me about costs etc?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 29th June 2023

      Hi Ian
      I feel very sorry for you. The cost is dependant on many factors.
      You can scatter in any water course without a licence and this will cost nothing. If the faith aspect is very important you I would speak to your local/family priest to see what they would advise – you can’t be the only person in this type of situation.

      Kind regards

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