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Ashes interment long barrow kent - scattering ashes

Long Barrow – Ashes Interment – The Lost Village of Dode

Taking its inspiration from the prehistoric long barrows that once, long ago, perhaps were the most significant feature of our Kentish landscape and nestling comfortably within our ancient sacred site, Holly Barrow at Dode offers a beautiful and meaningful alternative approach to established crematoria, grave yards and natural burial grounds for your loved ones cremated ashes.

It is a place where people of all races, creeds and beliefs are welcome, a special place of understanding, tolerance and healing, it is already a place of literally thousands of individual stories.

The four welcoming, hand crafted granite lined chambers each contain some 70 double niches, the choice of which niche is most appropriate is yours and of course at each celebration of life and interment the Barrow, Church (if required) and grounds are closed to public access, they are exclusively yours for the ceremony.

The chambers are approached by a timeless passage way terminating in a candle lit chapel in which the final goodbyes may be said.

The interment of your loved ones ashes may be as simple as family and close friends gathering together with no others present, or alternatively a celebration of their life with music, poetry and reminisce. We have two experienced celebrants to liaise and talk you through the options that are available, if you wish you are welcome to use the services of others, perhaps a faith leader, a Humanist celebrant or a celebrant known to you personally.

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