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Committal of Ashes to the Sea by the Royal Navy

The Naval Chaplaincy Service carries out Committals at Sea Ceremonies for all former Service personnel.

The Royal Naval Chaplaincy Service undertakes committals of ashes at sea from our Base Ports in Scotland on the Clyde (Faslane), Plymouth (Devonport) and Portsmouth.

There is no charge for the committal.

Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis, the deceased should be: 

  • Royal Navy Personnel.
  • There’s no length of service required, but they do need a short Service History and Service Number for checking with the records. 
  • Different bases have different eligibility.

This is the Portsmouth number (we do not have contact details for the other two)

Telephone – 02392 723000  – ask to be put through to the chaplaincy


Ash containers / urn?

We make urns to the Royal Nays specification: Royal Navy Committal Urn, we are lead to believe however the Chaplaincy if cost is an impediment they would accept these water urns. You are not required to purchase these through Scattering Ashes, your Funeral Director may be able to assist, although we are we are happy to supply them should you wish.

16 thoughts on “Committal of Ashes to the Sea by the Royal Navy

  1. Reply
    Lesley - 7th October 2021

    Hi could you please let me know if my husband and I would be able to go to sea to scatter ashes ??

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 8th October 2021

      Dear Lesley
      All the details for contacting the Royal Navy are contained on the page. We are not allowed to contact them on your behalf.

  2. Reply
    Patricia Cumming-Collier - 11th June 2021

    I am getting my plans in place for my family for when I pass away My father was a Lt Cmdr and left the Navy in 1947 due to ill health. I was christened on the ship my father was once on, HMS Franklin. The ship’s bell was used as a font. Perhaps my father being in Navy and my christening on Royal Navy ship has always made me feel proud of my association with the Navy. Would it be possible for my ashes, when the time comes, to be taken out to sea on a Royal Navy ship?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 14th June 2021

      Hi Patricia it sounds possible – you would need to contact the Navy on he email address on the page.

  3. Reply
    Wendy Leslie - 25th October 2020

    Hi there I am going to scatter my Husbands ashes at sea in Falmouth harbour next week is there anyone here who can give a few short words of comfort to myself and family please? he served in the Navy for 27 years.
    Wendy Leslie.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 2nd November 2020

      Dear Wendy
      Thank you for contacting us. I am not quite sure what you are after, do you want someone from the Royal Naval Chaplaincy to attend and speak at your service? If so I am not sure they offer that service although I could say for certain, you may wish to contact your local chaplaincy which I believe is at Devonport near Plymouth.

  4. Reply
    Nicky Hadley - 4th January 2020

    Please could you send me a form, my husband served in the Royal Navy for forty years as MAA Tony Hadley.I would like his ashes to be scattered at sea.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 6th January 2020

      Dear Nicky
      You would need to contact the Royal Navy directly – we are unable to do it on your behalf. The contact details are on the page above.

  5. Reply
    Mrs .Harvey - 2nd May 2019

    My father was a naval man and was given a service at sea and the small casket of ashes was slid into the sea. My mother as his wife is wondering if she could be committed to the sea also.thanks

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 2nd May 2019

      Dear Mrs Harvey
      For all questions of this nature you would need to direct them toward he Royal Navy Chaplaincy itself, the email address is on the webpage above.
      Kind regards

  6. Reply
    Sheena Rutherford - 29th September 2018

    My husband passed away on 25th July
    Neil served 22 uears in the RM leaving as CPO MINEWARFARE

    My family nor myself knew of this service you provide and we are tring to make arrangemsnts to scatter asheson loch Fyne. Neil served as Coxn om HMS DROXFORD on the Clyde training cadets from University in Glasgow.

    I met Neil when I served in Reserves HMS DALRIADA and we too spent training weeksnds on DROXFORD
    Neil and I got together on one of those weekends in East Loch Tarbert thus why we want to take ashes there.
    Neil’s birthday is on 9th Ocotber and this is when we plan to do this
    Can you help us

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 3rd October 2018

      Dear Sheena
      This service is offered by the Royal Navy and not, they offer the service from the Faslane Base on the Clyde. You will need to contact the Royal Navy Chaplaincy directly as we are unable to arrange this on your behalf , their contact details are on the page above.
      I hope this goes well for you and the family.
      Kind regards

  7. Reply
    paula - 28th December 2017

    how can i find out if i can arrange to scatter my grandfathers ashes at sea

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 3rd January 2018

      Dear Paula

      If you are hoping to use the Royal Navy’s services click on where you would like the service eg Portsmouth and the email and telephone number are on the page.

  8. Reply
    John canning - 21st September 2017

    Can an ex-service man’s ashes be carried and scattered/buried in the south A

    tlantic by a royal navy ship which is on duty there,eg a ship like the Endurance?

    Johncanning425@Gmail. Com

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 21st September 2017

      I am afraid I don’t know and the Navy asks that people make requests directly to them (ie not through us), the email address for the Royal Naval Chaplaincy at Portsmouth is

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