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Ashes on the train

A 6ft dinosaur, 600 umbrellas and a casket of ashes

All left First TransPennine trains – umbrellas, well indeed I think all of us have done that at least once. The ashes slightly strange. I suppose if you put them on the seat beside you and then jump off in a bit of a rush its possible. However the odd part here is it would appear to be one of the unclaimed items…

Will Munton, First TransPennine Express’ Huddersfield Station Manager, said: “We deal with over 6,000 items of lost property every year including a number of more unusual finds, averaging more than 18 misplaced items every single day.

“As we cover such a large regional spread, we expect to find some strange items when clearing out the unclaimed lost and found, however this year has really opened our eyes to the unusual. Luckily, we’re able to return a large amount of lost goods to their rightful owners, and we were thankful to return the casket in question to its loved one.”

You never know it might have been part of the loved one’s last wishes, train spotters and enthusiasts have some peculiar ideas of what constitutes ‘fun’…

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