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king authur rebury

King Arthur wants cremated remains reburied at Stonehenge

Apparently the legendary king of England has been reincarnated, what’s more Arthur Pendragon is on the war path once more. He and bands of druids are not happy the cremated remains dug up and removed from Stonehenge are not being treated with due respect and they want them returned to the earth where they belong.

The villain of the piece is Professor Mike Parker Pearson of University College London, who excavated the bones in 2008, and holds the licence to store them for study. However this licence expires in the 1st November and an extension will be need to be made to the Ministry of Justice to extend it. The Prof and his team have been analysing the remains in order gain a greater understanding of the origin and purpose of the famous construction.

If the licence is extended the ‘Once and Future King’ will slaying and pillaging in the Salisbury area (I just made that bit up) actually he will be picketing museum that exhibiting human remains. And he will take the Government to court again, hoping to be third time lucky.

This time he has powerful allies on his side, he can already rely on support from Native Americans, who in a 2012 agreed to send “positive energies” over to England to support his cause. He is also in discussion witches and Jedis in North America and Canada.

I am not making this up! I LOVE BRITIAN.


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