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eating cremation ashes

American lady eats her husbands ashes – this is odd!


With this subject, sometimes you do get to blog about the stranger side of life , however it is rare these days when I am taken aback. Here we have the peculiar story of a lady who eats her deceased husbands cremated remains. Beware it does make for disturbing viewing!

The lady concerned is from Tennessee in the USA. It started one day when the ashes spilled onto her hand, she said ‘I didn’t want to wipe them off because that’s my husband and I don’t want to wipe him away… So I just licked it off my finger.’… she went on to say the dust tastes like ‘rotten eggs, sand and sandpaper.’ – well there you are in case you were wondering!

The lady said she has already eaten about a pound (half a kilo for those working in metric) of the ashes despite the foul taste.

Before this, she said she carried him around everywhere she went, cinema restaurants shopping. She slept with the urn next to her, watched television with it propped on the couch alongside her and cooked all of her husband’s favorite foods even if she didn’t like them or ate the meals.

It was shown as the last in the series of an reality TV show in America called Strange Addictions. Since the show, she has reportedly checked herself into a treatment facility.

There is no commentary for this because I am stuck for words …


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