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Scattering Ashes

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“I lost my husband a year ago & my family & I spent several months looking for a suitable memorial to him. We came across “Scattering Ashes” & fell in love with the sculptures. There were several designs to choose from, the like of which we had never seen, before settling on ‘The Petal’. It’s a large piece made from Stainless Steel with a sphere in the centre to contain the ashes.

From start to finish we were delighted with the empathic & professional way in which the Company conducted themselves. Karen  was extremely helpful & informative & it was a great pleasure to meet the sculptor Alan when he delivered the piece.

We have placed the memorial in the rockery by the pond where it reflects all that is around it. I love the way it catches the light….  is a lovely focal point in the garden & an everlasting tribute.”

[Petal Garden Memorial Sculpture]

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Scattering Ashes in the Media

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